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Upcoming schedule: April 2019

Sunday, April 7:  Dan Tinen. “Cast Into the Fire?" " Our Universalist ancestors were marked by their disbelief in hell; they rejected the commonly-held idea that humanity is divided between the saved and the damned.  To preachers like Hosea Ballou, who "rode the circuit" here in western New England in the early 19th century, the concept that God lets demons and devils tempt people into sin, only to catch them and cast them onto eternal fire after a final day of judgment, defied all reason.  Today, these Universalist ideas have become widely accepted in major denominations, but the hellish effects of the old ideas persist.  Dan Tinen will give us a refresher course in one of the major roots of our faith this Sunday at 11:30. Coffee at 11.

Sunday, April 14:  ~ ~ no service today, Spring break plant your peas, take a Spring awakening walk and as Jennifer Bennett told us.... “Look out, orr you'll miss it!”

Sunday, April 21: , 11:30am Easter Sunday with Barry Deitz.    Sermon topic "Hope"Coffee at 11, program at 11:30am

Sunday, April 28:  Great Decisions Video and Discussion.  Topic: TBA

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Peace Mantra: "To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance." -Buddha

chalice chalice