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Bernardston Unitarian Church

Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

Sunday Mornings-Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30

April 2017~ 1739 Bernardston Unitarian Meetinghouse

Art Show: "Beverly Phelps Paintings and Photographs," First floor and front foyer of the 1739 Unitarian Meetinghouse.
times by arrangement: 413-330-0807 Commission from Art and Print sales will benefit the 1739 Meetinghouse restoration fund.

Sunday, April 30th ~ 11:30 am When we think of the poetry of Robert Frost, we get images of stone fences, snowy fields and lonely farm houses. So it is a bit of a shock to discovery that Robert Frost, the snow-capped Bard of New England, was actually born in San Francisco. In fact, the first decade of his life was lived there, so the first landscape imprinted on his imagination was western and urban. But as Robert Penn Warren once pointed out, it sometimes takes a writer from the outside to see things new and fresh. The New England of Robert Frost has a central place in American literature and he could be called our first celebrity poet, reading at Presidential inaugurals and creating the concept of the Poet-in-Residence at universities. The program will look at his life and poetry and how he was able to lodge a few poems, as he once put it, where they would be "hard to get rid of. Come hear more interesting stories about the life and poetry of Robert Frost, this Sunday, May 30! Lynne Walker Music

May 7 11:30am Regular service with Rev. Jean Wahlstrom, music- Lynne Walker

May 14 11:30am Regular service with Dan Tinen, music- Lynne Walker

May 21 ~ Rev. Steve Wilson 11:30 am The Field: The Quest for the secret force in the Universe. The pursuit of truth has led us to a profound confusion that we were right. We do live in an interconnected web of all creation. However, using the work by Lynne McTaggart we discover that we not only share the planet with plants and animals, we literally are and live not only live in a sea of energy, but that we really truly are a part of it. Again, from the perspective of a detective agency we look at life from both a bigger and smaller scope.

Also May 21 ~ 1:00 Artists Opening Reception for "Into the Future" Multimedia Art Exhibition ~ featuring Peter Skolnick on the piano Art Sale to benefit Meetinghouse Art Projects.

May 28 ~ Actor Stephen Collins back by popular demand! 11:30am

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