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Bernardston Unitarian Church
2014 Calendar Update
Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

Coming Up in July and August
July 5th FIRST SATURDAYS POT LUCK 5:30pm ~ Bar-B-Q Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and whatever else you want to bring with Rev. Steve Wilson ~ A Speed Dating version of UU History: Ever wondered how to explain Unitarian-Universalism, where our roots actually begin. On this First Saturday we will speedily get a lecture in Unitarian and Universalist History. Do you know who Socinus, Servetus, and Sofia Lyon Fahs are? You will in this 45 minute lecture leading to discussion.

July 6th Rev. Steve Wilson ~ Spontaneous Religious Questions for the Pastor I like to think of it as a voluntary mutiny, a democratically spirited opening up of the pulpit to once a year try to spontaneously answer religious questions from the congregation. In this service, Rev. Steve will take serious written questions gathered at the collection, and respond to them as best he can. Participants are invited to bring any religious questions or positions that they seek to raise.

July 20th 100th Birthday Celebration for Rheinhardt Elster
Rev. Steve Wilson ~ Saving the World; A Recipe ~ Contrary to Marvel and Paramount, the world will not be saved by superman or brave action heroes. However, it might, and it must be inspiringly managed. Today as a community spiritually engaged in the heroic work of transforming the world, we will take the optimistic tack of writing forth a history of change as if it happened. What did happen to preserve the good and undo the bad.
July 23 Member Reinhardt Elster turns 100!


AUGUST 2nd SAT NIGHT FIRST SATURDAY’s POT LUCK 5:30pm: Rev. Steve Wilson ~ The Haunting Church: An exercise in remembering and reconciliation: Two separate exercises are provided to draw us back into the memories of our religious journey. One is an opportunity to remember the first religious institution of our childhood, the other a writing exercise in dialogue with a person from our past. Secular options are provided so all can participate.) We will as always use these exercises as a springboard for discussion.

August 10th 11:30 coffee hour and 11:30 Regular Service with the stimulating, thought provoking and inspiring Dan Tinen ~ Topic: "With What Authority?"

August 17th Rev. Steve Wilson ~ Dying, Dignity, and Death: What makes taxes look good? What is at the root of nearly all our fears and phobias? What is thought to be the inverse of life, and yet is all our fate. I speak of course about death. Today we ask, how do and should we face, prepare, and cope with death.

August 24thst Rev. Steve Wilson ~ Things You Can’t Say:Letters We Have Never Written Things you can’t say” began as a series of short crisp things you are not allowed to say that Don Swanson and I got in the habit of passing back and forth, but soon the gravitas of the phrase pulled it into a more serious theme. Today sharing the power of the written word we provide the opportunity for people to share publicly the real hard things they have never been able to. Today you will hear the brave and willing read the letters they have never dared write.


Labor Day Weekend ~No first Saturday evening

September 21st Rev. Steve Wilson Water, Water, Everything Water In-Gathering Service: Today, we gather back into our beloved Sanctuary with water from summer ready to share a bit about our journey’s or more importantly about our hopes for the year ahead. On this ingathering day we will speak about water’s versatility, honor the four directions, and welcome ourselves formally back together.

Try out Dan's Franklin County UU YouTube Channel

Call 413 330-0807 for information or if you need to carpool to come to church or events.

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