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Bernardston Unitarian Church
2014 Calendar Update
Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

Sunday Mornings- Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30

Coming Up in October

Oct. 12 ~ Regular Service with Dan Tinen leading. Topic: "Unity and Disunity",

Sun. Oct. 19 ~ Rev. Steve Wilson, "Risk, Doubt, and Big Decisions"

October 26 Coffee and Work day

Saturday Evening November 1 ~ Pot luck with Steve Wilson and special guest singer/songwriter Sarah Pirtle.
Sarah will lead us in singing a special collection of Pete Seeger songs.

Sun. Nov. 2 ~ Barry Deitz, "Journeys and Arrivals: How Did You Get Here?"

Nov. 9 ~ Regular Service with Rev. Doug Wilson former director of Rowe Conference Center

Try out Dan's Franklin County UU YouTube Channel

Call 413 330-0807 for information or if you need to carpool to come to church or events.

Wednesdays On-going Wed. Meetinghouse Artists group, 9:30am to noon. Bring your project, materials, craft to a congenial gathering. We are planning for a group exhibition in November at the Meetinghouse. Join us!

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