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Bernardston Unitarian Church

Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

Sunday Mornings-Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30

January 2017~ 1739 Bernardston Unitarian Meetinghouse

Art Show: "Beverly Phelps Paintings and Photographs," First floor and front foyer of the 1739 Unitarian Meetinghouse.
times by arrangement: 413-330-0807 Commission from Art and Print sales will benefit the 1739 Meetinghouse restoration fund.

Sun. Jan. 8, 11:00 Coffee, 11:30 Service~ Dan Tinen will elaborate on his topic begun in Dec. on "Truth Telling" Has our society entered a "post-truth" era? Where are the lines between advertising, promotion, deception, and lying? Is "truth" just a social construct that is subject to change, or is there some bedrock principle that rationally distinguishes truth from falsehood? People have been asking these questions, and we'll start a search for answers on Sunday.

Sun. Jan 15th 11:30 am ~ Rev. Steve Wilson "MLK was (nearly) a UU:" While in Boston, MLK regularly attended UU Churches. On this Martin Luther King Day weekend, we will survey this and other behind the scenes views of the civil rights movement. Today we imagine MLK in one of our pews, and look at the history that could have been, and the hidden history that was.

Sunday,Jan. 22nd 11:30 am ~ Back by popular demand and almost full ~ Art Workshop. 11:30 am Pastel Painting like the Masters with Greg Maichack. Free and all supplies included. Supported by the Bernardston Local Cultural Council and the MA Cultural Council.You must sign up as space is limited: contact or 413-330-0807

Sun. Jan. 29th ~ 11:30 am Our own Susan Cummings, off, off Broadway!! One woman show supported by the Bernardston and MA Cultural Councils "Adventures in Liking My Looks: "Normal" must be so boring!
Cummings’ journey takes her to Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, to art therapy and ballroom dance lessons, to London. A certain green vine turns out to be pivotal. Cummings tells her story with the help of over 12 characters and a bit of music.
“I hope the show nudges and inspires the audience to realize that each of their bodies is uniquely beautiful, that all of our bodies are parts of the beautiful human palette.”

Come before the show between 11 and noon for brunch and conversation.

These two special programs Hosted by Arts and Activism at the Meetinghouse and supported by the Bernardston Local Cultural Council with the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Saturday Feb. 4nd First Saturdays with Steve~
4 pm writing group,
5:30 Pot Luck Program: Oscar Previews ~ See what's worth seeing and vote for your Oscar "best bets."

Sun. Feb. 5th 11:30 am ~ Rev. Jean Wahlstrom 11am coffee, 11:30 Service, Topic TBA Music, Lynne Walker

Sun. Feb. 12th 11:30 am ~ Dan Tinen 11am coffee, 11:30 Service, "Congregations vs. Contempt": The divisive political climate has challenged many people's faith in the democratic process. Worse, it tempts us to suspend the principle of the inherent worth and dignity of those on the "other side". When contempt becomes a prevailing attitude, there are lessons to be found in congregational life, and we must remember that we are not just "liberals"--we are religious liberals. Dan Tinen will explore the ways we can use the current situation to grow our understanding and heal the divisions that are at the root of the problem. Music, Lynne Walker

Sun. Feb. 19th 11:30 am ~ Rev. Steve Wilson 11am coffee 11:30Service, Topic: Another Look at Jesus: What He seems to get right and wrong This morning we ask the rarely asked but obvious of what 2000 years hence he actually gets wrong and right. Come for a respectful, funny, heretical, informative, and fresh look at Jesus. A scholarly and a “you only hurt the ones you love” review about someone who doesn’t get it all right, but even when the historical record is screened for sap, seems to score pretty high.

Sunday, Feb. 19 Barry Deitz, 11 am coffee 11:30 Service Topic: Louisa May Alcott, Not a "Little Woman". Music, Lynne Walker

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