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Bernardston Unitarian Church

Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

Writing Goup starting with Steve! "Memoir Writing" Saturday, Oct 3 at 4:00

Sunday Mornings-Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30


Sun. November 1 Rev. Jean Wahlstrom : "Everyday Heroism"'Tis the season for heroes and heroic adventure. "Everest" has been on the big screen, and the movie about the Chilean mining disaster/rescue is due out soon. What it is that makes a deed or action heroic. Doesn't it involve morality and choice? Isn't it necessarily interpersonal, in some way?

Sun. November 8 Dan Tinen: "The Promise and Peril of Positive Thinking": How much does our attitude affect events? Do we create our own reality, or is this just wishful "woo-woo" thinking? We'll consider the latest brain science as well as the writings of the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. 

Sat. November 14 Writing Group and Pot Luck & Program with Steve Writing Group meets at 4pm Pot Luck Supper 5:30 followed by the Movie ~ Celebrating Philanthropy: Paul Newman Film Festival Come see some classic Paul Newman flicks!! Popcorn and cider for sure!

Sun. November 15 Rev. Steve Wilson: Preparing for Thanksgiving: Carving Up Thanks-giving In this Thanksgiving Service we will be called to step past the assumption that we “should” be thankful, and take a good hard look at what we earn and we are just given. When the tally is completed, and if the minister has done his job, we will all but fall on our face with the realization of all that we don’t control.

Sun. November 22 We are participating in 2 services on the 22nd: Ecumenical Thanksgiving Services times & places:
2:00 pm Interfaith Council of Franklin County at All Souls Greenfield
7:00 pm Northfield, Bernardston, Warwick Thanksgiving Service at First Parish Northfield

Try out Dan's Franklin County UU YouTube Channel

Call 413 330-0807 for information or if you need to carpool to come to church or events.

Contact Rev. Steve Wilson if you have a pastoral need or would like a visit.- 617-852-2292

Wednesdays On-going Wed. Meetinghouse Artists group, 9:30am to noon. Bring your project, materials, craft to a congenial gathering. We are planning for a group exhibition in November at the Meetinghouse. Join us!

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