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Bernardston Unitarian Church
2014 Calendar Update
Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

♥ Don't miss the UU Love and Music at the Meetinghouse Feb. 14th! ♥

Friday, Feb. 14 ♥ Valentine's Day at 7:30 PM Add some sparkle to your weekend! Come to our " VALENTINE CABARET!"  Make your Valentine treat our "Valentine Cabaret!" at 7:30 PM on Valentine's Day.  The talented singer Janice Dompke will perform songs of our favorite decades and an amazing "Patsy Kline" interpretation (see  Rev. Steve MCs and Lynne Walker plays beautiful melodies to accompany your rich chocolate dessert and wine punch.  Single or date, girl night, guy night, bring a friend! -ALL FOR ONLY $10 per person. This is a benefit for our new grand piano.

Sun. Feb. 16: Rev. Steve Wilson: "Just, How Do you Live With Yourself!" Music- Lynne Walker. Contained in this judgmental statement, is perhaps the most important question anyone can be asked, how you the unique person you discover you are along the way gets along with the administrator of your life.  We will explore this most intimate and important of relationships.

Sun. Feb. 23: John Lepore: The Pioneering Stewardship Plan Music- Lynne Walker. ~ a beloved teacher's gift to future students.  John will describe the process and product of doing a professional land and resource use plan for our regional PVRS school site.  This is a wonderful ongoing project that you should know about and follows with Dan Tinen's theme of "how do we take care of sacred spaces."

Sun. March 2: Dan Tinen: "Sacred Spaces" Music- Lynne Walker. What does it mean when we set a space apart from everyday use?  Are some places "holier" than others?  Or should we consider all of creation holy?  We'll examine how these concepts affect our choices in the material world...what buildings we build, what lands we set apart, what we use, and how we take care of them. 

**After the service, stay for sandwiches and the early afternoon special film event below........!
Another special program to put on your calendar!!
Film screening and Q & A with the filmmaker!

Sunday Afternoon, March 2 at 1pm
~Debut Film Tour: "Shadows of Liberty"
This brand new 93min. film about our corporate news ownership features activists, journalists and academics such as Danny Glover, Julian Assange, Dan Rather, Amy Goodman, David Simon, Daniel Ellsberg, Norman Solomon, Dick Gregory, Robert McChesney, John Nichols, Chris Hedges and many more.
Meet the Filmmaker! Jean-Phillippe Tremblay will be on hand to discuss his film after the showing.

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