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Bernardston Unitarian Church
2014 Calendar Update
Services and Programs begin at 11:30am. Coffee starts at 11.

Sunday Mornings- Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30


Sunday, Nov. 30    Rev. Steve Wilson  The Power of Now  “Enjoy every moment,” “be in the zone,” “there is only the present,” “Living in the Pause,”  “The Power of Now.”  “Flow: Are words and phrases you have come to hear.  Eckhart Tolle, and Byron Katy are names associated with the ephemeral moment and the bliss that is promised when we live in it.  Today we will discuss and ideally experience the bliss of the present moment.


Sat. Evening Dec. 6 ~ First Sat. Pot Luck with Steve Wilson  and  Climate March Video Party with Jim Scott.      Pot Luck starts at 5:30.  At 6:30  Jim Scott will perform his new song composed for the giant Climate March in NYC.  with video footage of the March.  Feel like you were there and get motivated for following the President's lead with emissions control with China!!  It's good news!  Then sing a long with Jim to other songs we know and love.  There will be a free will suggested donation.

Sun. Dec. 7 No Service. Come to see Jim Scott and Steve on Saturday night

Sun. Dec. 14 Dan Tinen Topic: "Home for the Holidays": As we celebrate the holidays, our homes anchor us in positive and negative ways; and we are prompted to think of our restlessness and/or stability. Whether it's Joseph and Mary finding no room at the inn, young Ebenezer Scrooge being exiled from his family, or George and Mary Bailey fixing up an old abandoned house, our homes affect our personal and collective stories. Dan will focus on the meaning of "home" in our lives.

December 21st Steve Wilson - The Reason’s for the Season- Every holiday season there is a debate, over what the holidays are really about. As you know the very use of the term holiday is loaded. In this Christmas service complete with carols and scripture readings of the holy night, we lift up all the candidates for what really is the reason for the season.

Try out Dan's Franklin County UU YouTube Channel

Call 413 330-0807 for information or if you need to carpool to come to church or events.

Wednesdays On-going Wed. Meetinghouse Artists group, 9:30am to noon. Bring your project, materials, craft to a congenial gathering. We are planning for a group exhibition in November at the Meetinghouse. Join us!

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