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A UUA Congregation in the historic
1739 First Meetinghouse
welcoming people of all faiths and children!

Served by Rev. Steve Wilson
Coffee at 11:00 ~ Service at 11:30
Music: Lynne Walker
Lay preacher: Dan Tinen 1st Sundays


Thanks to Jean Philippe Tremblay for his amazing film, to Debra Brown for bringing the film to Bernardston, and thanks to Dan DeWalt and Sara Longsmith of Free Press for their astute commentary on the film and thanks as well to our animated audience! Photos They made their Kicksarter Goal!
Here's their Kickstarter page

Sunday Mornings- Coffee at 11:00, Service at 11:30


Sunday Service, Mar. 2- Dan Tinen: "Sacred Spaces" 11:30 Music- Lynne Walker . (rescheduled from Feb. 2nd when we celebrated the life of Pete Seeger) What does it mean when we set a space apart from everyday use?  Are some places "holier" than others?  Or should we consider all of creation holy?  We'll examine how these concepts affect our choices in the material world...what buildings we build, what lands we set apart, what we use, and how we take care of them. 
**After the service, stay for sandwiches and the early afternoon special film event!

Don't miss this special Mar. 2, 1:00 film debut at our Bernardston Meetinghouse!
Sunday, March 2 at 1pm ~ Debut Film Tour: "Shadows of Liberty" – Film screening and Q & A with the filmmaker! This brand new 93min. film about our corporate news ownership and censorship features activists, journalists and academics such as Danny Glover, Julian Assange, Dan Rather, Amy Goodman, David Simon, Daniel Ellsberg, Norman Solomon, Dick Gregory, Robert McChesney, John Nichols, Chris Hedges and many more.
Meet the Filmmaker! Jean-Philippe Tremblay will be on hand to discuss his film after the showing.

Sunday, Mar. 9 "The Five Languages of Love" discussion of the book by Dr. Gary Chapman, led by Annette and Mark. You are guaranteed to learn something helpful about having more positive relationships.

Sunday, Mar. 16 Rev. Steve Wilson 11am coffee, 11:30 service Lynne Walker, music "Dickens and Social Justice:" Today we will explore the Theology and living Social Gospel of the Unitarian Charles Dickens. Most know Dickens as always an astute observer of the human condition, few know of his Unitarian leanings.

Sunday, March 23 Art Workshop, Oil Painting Traditional Still Life with Genevieve Abate. $35 fee. 10am to 4pm. Limited space. To sign up call 413-330-0807.

Sunday, March 30 Fifth Sunday ~ Coffee, fellowship at 11am and a second showing of the film "Shadows of Liberty" at 11:30am for those who missed it on Mar. 2 or those who want to see it again. The good news is that Jean-Philippe and his staff achieved their Kickstarter goal and will continue traveling the West Coast with the film. Jean-Philippe is also concerned that we find ways of addressing the issues and that can be part of our discussion on Sunday the 30th.


Saturday, April 5, Pot Luck Supper, come hang out with Steve. 5-8pm Topic description: Exploring Your Enneagram Type The basic goal of the enneagram is to get “us” closer to our essential character structure, or Personality Type. In theory, one of the enneagram’s nine categories labels you. Come take this ancient enigmatic test of personality typing. Its sources are mysterious and so are you. Come find out who you are.

Sunday, April 6, Rev. Steve Wilson "The Religious Wisdom of Dinosaurs:" Today we explore Dinosaurs and religion. Sure these “terrible lizards” are big, scary, and now gone. But what do these monsters of Hollywood nightmares teach us about time, old ideas, and how we do religion in an ever changing world.

Sunday, April 13, Jim Scott, enjoy the music and lessons of Jim Scott, UU Composer, guitar and vocal performer. 11am coffee, 11:30 program

Sunday, April 20, Easter Sunday with Dan Tinen, Okay you've caught up with Dan on YOUTube, now come and interact with him in our pulpit Easter Sunday 11:30

Sunday, April 27, Jim Bell and Slate Roof Poets celebrate Poetry Month. 11am coffee, 11:30 readings.

Call 413 330-0807 for information or if you need to carpool to come to church or events.

Contact Rev. Steve Wilson if you have a pastoral need or would like a visit.- 617-852-2292

Remembering our important people Al Ciarcia and Bill Griswold Al Ciarcia   Bill Griswold
Address for sending cards and messages of love and support for Jane Ciarcia is 119 Angel Drive Apt. D,  Waterbury, CT  06708

Experience Unitarian Warmth
There's always something happening at
the Bernardston Unitarian Church

Wednesdays Free and Open Art Workshop meets weekly from 9:30-12:00. Come work in your own medium and get kind critiques and pointers from your peers.  (Followed by optional lunch special at the 4-Leaf, or Antonio's!)In case of inclement weather, call 648-9574 to confirm.

Meetinghouse artists at the State House with Sen. Rosenberg

DVAA & our Meetinghouse Artists getting a special tour with Sen. Stan Rosenberg

Recent Events!

Jim Scott at the Bernardston Unitarian Church

Jim Scott giving a special holiday service December 2013

Explore Jim Scott's music at, some of it is in our hymnal!

Inequality Poster

Special showing of Robert Reich's movie "Inequality for All"
December 8, 2013

The Deerfield Valley Art Association Fall Members Show Columbus Day weekend, ending Monday Oct. 14.

Under the Oaks "LIVE ARTS UNDER THE OAKS!" Special Thanks to Linda Lively, Kathy Hale, Chantal Dupuis, Roy Morgan, Mark Wadleigh, Rev. Steve Wilson, Robbianne Mackin, Bev Phelps, Martha Stiles, Joel Fowler, Sandra Haynes, Barry Deitz, Jim Gildea, artists under the tent: Karen Evans, Leni Gaudet, Genevieve Abate, Gary Fiske-White, Edith Hunsberger, Mary Glabach Field, and Maureen Moore, and of course the Band- Pat & Tex LaMountain, Rick Mauran and John White. A great team effort to clean up and down, set up two art shows and outside booths, and run a complex event with great success and fun for all!

Reinhardt's 99th Birthday celebration


climate rally
No Pipeline through New England!
Climate Rally - 10:30 on the Meetinghouse steps.
Sunday February 17th in solidarity with the DC Rally and

Thanks for a good laugh and sweet treats on Valentines day

The Valentines Cabaret was sooooo great!

Past Events!

Happy time on the church steps watching the parade!
"Sense of Place" Celebration. Sept. 22, Story telling, meetinghouse tours, parade float and artist reception

Thanks to every one who helped with the Cabaret to benefit Franklin County flood victims and the Guinoppe Honduras Project!!! It was a great success!!!
Thanks to the Great Local Business Sponsors for our Cabaret Raffle!
Click here to find out who they are!

This is Louise with Caryl after an amazing presentation. Boy can she make history come alive! The paintings describe the only successful Native American rebellion.
Link to Louise's Website

Dreams of Home Event The "SHELTER: Dreams of Home Event" included a panel of professionals speaking about housing, getting a home, keeping a home and related issues.
The Art Exhibition accompanying a free community event held May 14, 2011 from 11am-8pm. The subject of the exhibition was "HOME" and all that the word evokes in our hearts, minds, and senses.
The Opening Reception to celebrate the artists held from 3-5 pm on the 14th followed by The Walter Mittys Band from 5- 8pm.

river view

thanks to all who participated!

Click Here Spring Water Event 2009 for the photo page.

Dan Esty

Keynote speaker Daniel Esty author of "Green to Gold"
Yale Professor and advisor to Pres. Obama

river view
Al and Jane

Photos of Al's 15 years with the Bernardston Unitarians celebration!

Eric and Steve

Eric Wasileski and Steve Wilson
Australian Send-off for Rev. Steve Wilson
Party Pictures

David Korten at the Bernardston Unitarian ChurchThanks to David Korten
progressive visionary author
Speaking about creating a positive future
David Korten's blog
The Great Turning website
Thanks to the sponsors and contributors for their generous support!

Dr Robert Sidorsky Ultimate Peace
Saturday April 10, 2009
Robert and Linda Sidorsky have been doing their part to bring peace to the Middle East by facilitating Ultimate Frisbee games between Palestinian and Israeli youth. Dr. Robert Sidorsky spoke about this exciting venture as part of the Great Decisions discussion. Pictures & More Info

Peace Mantra:
"To live a pure unselfish life, one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance." -Buddha

Stay tuned for special events.

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Bernardston Unitarian Declaration of Fellowship:
We unite to affirm
that love is the spirit of this church
and service it's mission.
This is our great covenant:
To dwell together in peace,
To seek knowledge in freedom,
To give service to humanity.

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